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For more help, we suggest you read the material about form preparation listed below. It could provide you with much insight on what to do, what not to do, and what you should look for when preparing a template.

It is also a wise decision to first seek the advice of a qualified and professional lawyer prior to entering into any legal contractual obligation (For example: a duly dated, signed, and notorized legal agreement).

At the very least, have your lawyer check the legal document and/or any other accompanying legal papers over carefully before you decide to go ahead and date and sign it the contract.

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You will find many helpful articles on many legal topics as well as an extensive database of legal clauses you can use. In addition, there are many premium documents available at a modest cost.

You can download a full set of construction forms professionally-formatted in Microsoft Word. There are legal software packages including a music & entertainment contracts suite. It contains a complete set of ready-to-use legal and binding music contracts in MS Word.

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Available for instant download is the revised AgreementsPro™ v.5.0. It provides you with strong legal recourse and protection. It stores over 250 of the most common and frequently used legal agreements professionally-formatted in Microsoft Word. It comes with 2 years of free updates at no additional cost.

But what really sets this legal program apart (from other legal software) is your ability to choose alternative clauses providing you with added security and protection. All forms are designed to be used over and over again.



The advertising and promotion agreement a detailed legal agreement to be used in new advertising and promotions, agreement between tenants in common protects the tenant and landlord, agreement for sale of business a detailed agreement for seller and buyer.

You will find that these legal document examples cover all types of circumstances including both private and business situations. You will also find several more examples of various legal documents and templates on this website.

The comprehensive long-form agreement of purchase and sale of shares is an important document for the purchase and sale of personal and corporation shares, agreement with website designer is a plain English agreement covering aspects of design and structure of a website, limited power of attorney a legal form incorporating legal provisions both state and federal law, sole distributorship agreement for agent and distributor, divorce papers for those contemplating divorce and prenuptial agreements when considering marriage.

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