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Up-to-date legal information about chapter 7 and 10 of bankruptcy


If you were to make inquiries, you'll find that many people will tell you that it's practically impossible to remove a bankruptcy that has been written in your credit file. But in truth it is not that clear-cut of a matter. What you should know about disputing a bankruptcy mark on your credit file is pretty much like any other type of dispute about negative information on your personal credit report.

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Professionally-drafted building and construction industry legal contracts

Building and Construction

Just like your nail gun automates nailing, building contracts are going to automate your business paperwork. Your time will be the biggest saving of all. But you'll save big money, too! The overall cost of duplicating forms yourself is absolutely peanuts when compared to the cost of custom-designed building and construction contracts ordered from a document vendor.

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The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) allows you several vital things to fix bad credit and to improve your credit rating

Debt Solutions

When preparing debts forms you should pay close attention to the proper description and statement of the parties. The "name(s)" of the person(s), and in some cases "both" which are going to be part of the debt agreement. This may seem like general information but it's really important that you get the proper description (and statement) of the parties correct the first time.

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An agreement clause can make or break the contractual arrangement so it's crucial you use the right clause in your template

Optional Agreement Clauses

The omission of a particular legal clause in a personal and business agreement can be the difference between having an ironclad contract or an agreement that isn't worth the paper it's written on. Here you will find a comprehensive list of almost all important alternative/optional agreement clauses to give you a legal edge in your contract.

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There are many types of templates available for example, Full Power Of Attorney, General Power Of Attorney, Limited Power Of Attorney, Medical Durable Power Of Attorney, Power Of Attorney To Indorse Negotiable Instruments and many others

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a convenient legal document used to authorize another person (known as an agent) to act on your behalf in matters of a medical, personal, and business, financial and family. For example, a power of attorney can be used by an elderly person to allow an adult child to handle banking and specific tasks and financial affairs.

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There are many types of Promissory Notes such as with Acceleration Provisions, Promissory Installment Note Long Form, Promissory Note And Disclosure Statement, Promissory Note - Balloon - Demand - Flexible - Guaranty - Interest and  others

Promissory Note

A promissory note form is a detailed and written personal promise to repay money to somebody else. It can be used to create a legal and binding agreement when lending money or even financing the sale of personal and real property. The payment can be scheduled to fit your specific needs and requirements.

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The Koala is a famous and well loved marsupial of the Land Down Under Australia

Tenant Rights

The federal government provides laws covering landlord rights (rental situation) and tenant rights to rent an apartment without worrying about being discriminated against because of any mental or physical disability you may have or your color, race, gender, age, and religion. Your Tenants Rights also include the right is to know why your rental application was rejected.

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The bronzed Aussie is a term given to a sun tanned healthy Australian bloke

Trademark Law

An important reason for seeking federal registration of a trademark is that federal trademark laws make available the right for you to reserve a trademark symbol/name for future use, by officially filing an "intent to use" application in the Patent and Trademark Office and stating that you have a genuine intention to use the mark in business. Registration can be both federal and state.

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Cause of action or Writ by parties to precedents judgments based upon common law including case law for the filing of documents by the respondent Plaintiff

Will Making

The use of a Will can legally speed up the process of distributing all of your property after your death, and can save much on expenses. Distribution of your personal assets to your immediate family as soon as possible (after your death) will help them to avoid legal and financial difficulties and emotional stress. Writing a Will is usually done in written or type written form.

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A diverse range of business reports, guides and contractual legal information


Discover the most often overlooked truth about how to value a business

Business Valuation Report

Imagine a proven formula which shows you the real value of any business within a few hundred dollars of what it's worth. The more you understand the power of this formula, the more you'll realize that you need to get this material for yourself. If you could read just one legal report about how to value an existing business, this is it.

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Key elements to look for in a contract before you date and sign it!

How to prepare legal forms

The suggests the right usage of "names" because it clearly outlines the "parties to the contract" and the terms and conditions of the contract. This is especially so whenever particulars have been changed and/or forgotten. It's crucial that you do not hesitate to correctly identify both parties by the location of their (current) residence.

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The legal difference between a buisness contract and a legal agreement

Agreement Legal Software

By means of an attorney's private archive, we've assembled what are possibly the most frequently used legal forms, contracts and agreements for business, family and private use. But what sets this program apart from other software is the option to choose alternative legal clauses providing you with added security and protection.

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