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Certain classes of person have limited powers to contract, the principal groups being minors and bankrupts. A legal contract made with a minor, a person under 18 years of age, may be unenforceable unless the agreement is for things necessary to maintain the particular person his or her normal lifestyle.

Examples of 'necessaries' could be food, clothes, accommodation, education. When in doubt it is wise to have it guaranteed by a parent or guardian. Bankrupts have very considerable restrictions placed on their ability to enter into contracts. However, the law gives certain protection to persons having bona fide dealings with undischarged bankrupts. The latter are also liable to penalties if they obtain credit over $200 without disclosing bankruptcy. It is sometimes thought that a contract does not exist if it is not set in a written document. This is a misconception. While some contracts have to be in written form, a business contract can be valid and enforceable even in the absence of written evidence of its contents. It is of course wiser to reduce terms agreed upon to written form because it provides the best evidence of what was agreed between the parties. You should ensure that you sign any agreement in your true capacity. If you are signing for a partnership, indicate that fact. Study how to prepare legal forms. If you just sign your name, you can be held liable personally on the form. When the agreement is for a corporation, sign in your capacity as a corporate official. If you are signing for yourself or your own incorporated business, then you just have to sign your name.

How To Prepare Legal Forms

Each State will have its own statute of regulations when it comes to how a court of law will look at a contact between two parties. At the very least, have an attorney check it (and any other accompanying legal papers over carefully) before you decide to date and sign it. One of the main reasons why a lawsuit filed for "breach of agreement" is lost in a statutory court ruling is because it embodies weak clauses and provisions.

It doesn't take much for any savvy attorney to tear to pieces a legal agreement when it consists of weak paragraphs. Here you have access to a database of watertight clauses for almost every situation. There must also be caveat, covenant or consideration involved. In commercial agreements, this is simply "the price" which one party is willing to pay the other party for goods or services. Often a large department store will promote the sale of goods by offering certain other items of merchandise as "free offers." For example an "electric kettle" given free with every refrigerator purchased over $400.00. The consideration for the refrigerator is its price paid in monetary terms. The consideration for the kettle is entering into the agreement to buy the refrigerator. A lawyer can advise you of local bylaws, state regulations, federal legislation, and acts and statutes of law. Once you've located the form you wish to use, have a competent attorney check it over before you sign it.

Legal Software

AgreementsPro™ legal software offers you 252 most used agreements in Microsoft Word. It comes with a full two years free upgrades. What sets it apart from other software is the optional clauses providing additional security and protection. If you want to operate from a position of power you need this software. Furthermore, all agreements are designed to be used over and over again. Example agreements: "acknowledgment of contractor" in the service industry, "advertising and promotion agreement" for advertising products and services, "agreement between tenants in common" used whenever special provisions are in place, "agreement for sale of business" protects both buyer and seller, "agreement of purchase and sale of shares" of a corporation, "agreement with website designer" for the design of a website, "limited power of attorney" for specific requirements, and "sole distributorship agreement" containing legal provisions for both the manufacturer and distributor.

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