Accountant's Audit Engagement Letter


[name and title of officer]

[name and address of corporation]

Dear [name]:

This letter will serve to confirm the terms of our engagement agreed to by you and the [name of corporation] Board of Directors.

1. Audit Services. We will examine the [name] (Corporation) balance sheet as of [date] and the related statements of income, retained earnings, shareholders' equity, and changes in financial position for the fiscal year then ended. Our examination will be made in accordance with generally

accepted auditing standards and will include those tests of Corporation's accounting records and other procedures that we consider necessary to enable us to render an opinion on the fairness of Corporation's financial statements.

2. Defalcation, Fraud, or Irregularities. We do not expect to make a detailed examination of all your transactions nor do we expect that we will necessarily discover defalcations, fraud, or other irregularities, if they exist. We will inform you of any unusual or abnormal situation that we might discover.

3. Compensation. Our fee for these services is ........ dollars ($........), payable ........ dollars ($........) on your signing this letter, ......... dollars ($........), [number] weeks thereafter, and the balance upon the completion of our engagement.

[Alternative Paragraph]

3. Compensation. Our fee for these services will be computed at our standard per diem rates, which are [description], which, together with any out-of-pocket costs, will be billed to you every [number] weeks as the work progresses. All invoices are payable when rendered.


[name of CPAs]

Agreed to:


By: [signature]


Contract law requirements

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