Agreement For Hire Of Commercial Studio

This Agreement is by and between {NAME/ADDRESS OF STUDIO}, hereinafter referred to as {STUDIO} and {NAME/ADDRESS OF STUDIO HIRER}, hereafter referred to as {USER}, on this ________ day of _______ 20 _, do hereby agree to the following:


{HIRER} shall rent the following studio time from {STUDIO} commencing on (date) to (date). Times stated must be strictly followed. {STUDIO} may require {HIRER} to vacate the studio at the expiration of time stated.

{HIRER} shall pay to {STUDIO} a fee of (dollars) per hour of studio time use, with a minimum of ( ) hours. A charge of (dollars) shall apply to each hour of use thereafter. A studio technician is available upon advanced notice, at a charge of (dollars) per hour. In the event that a request is made for additional time, {STUDIO} shall not be required to provide...


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