Agreement For Sales Agent

This agreement is by and between {NAME/ADDRESS OF COMPANY/CORPORATION}, a company that was organised under the laws of (State) with its main place of business located at (address), hereinafter referred to as {COMPANY}, and {NAME/ADDRESS OF SALES AGENT}, hereinafter referred to as {AGENT}, on this ________ day of ________ 20 ___, do hereby agree to the following:

The {COMPANY} is a manufacturer of (product) and wishes to appoint a general sales agent for selling {COMPANY'S} product (describe).

{AGENT} accepts such duties and agrees to follow the terms and conditions of this agreement.



The agreement will last for (period of time) begining on (date), unless either or both parties terminate according to the terms of the agreement.



{AGENT}, will receive a commission from the sale of products sold for use in agents designated territory...


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Contract law requirements

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