Trade Journal Advertising Agreement

This agreement is by and between {NAME/ADDRESS OF COMMUNICATIONS/MEDIA COMPANY}, hereinafter referred to as {MEDIA}, and {NAME/ADDRESS OF ADVERTISER}, hereinafter referred to as {ADVERTISER}, on this ____________ day of __________ 20 __, do hereby agree to the following:


{ADVERTISER} shall purchase from {MEDIA} advertising in a total amount of (dollars) to be utilized as provided in the (see attached schedule, marked Exhibit 1).

{MEDIA} produces a (national/state) Trade Journal entitled (title) with an audited circulation of (number).


{MEDIA} agrees that it will accept (dollars) as payment in full, and will accept provision of the material by {ADVERTISER} to {MEDIA} (see attached list, marked, Exhibit 2).

{ADVERTISER} shall provide copy for all advertisements a minimum of ( ) business working days before each scheduled start. {MEDIA} shall have the right to reject advertising copy and/or finished material.


{ADVERTISER} will indemnify and hold {MEDIA} harmless from claims of defamation or other advertising injury related to its advertisement in above said publication.

As to the assigned advertising material delivered to {MEDIA} it shall be of an equivalent quality and value as those provided to other media customers. {MEDIA} may assign said material to be received to others.


This agreement is non-cancelable by {ADVERTISER}. In the event that advertiser fails to deliver said materials timely as provided, {ADVERTISER} shall be liable to {MEDIA} for the cost of cover and consequential damages, if any, caused by the failure to deliver.

This agreement is the entire agreement between both parties, and may only be altered by an instrument in writing.

Executed the date as first above written at (City/State).

SIGNED: ______________________


SIGNED: ________________________


Contract law requirements

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