Arbitration Agreement [Type 1]

_______________ and ________________ agree:

For a sufficient consideration, the receipt of which is acknowledged, the parties shall submit to binding arbitration any and all disputes which they have have now whether mature or unmatured, whether legal, equitable, statutory, contractual or tortious in nature, together with any disputes which they may have in the future.

Such arbitration shall be under the rules of International Chamber of Commerce, and shall be heard by a panel of 1 arbitrators. Such arbitration shall be final and conclusive and the arbitrators award may be entered as a judgment in any court with jurisdiction to do so.

Despite any future agreement which may be made between the parties which may contain an integration clause, this agreement shall be deemed to be a part thereof whether or not specifically incorporated in any future agreements.

The arbitrators shall have the discretion to award legal costs and fees, including counsel fees, in any award as they may by their discretion determine to be just.

Dated: _____________________



Contract law requirements

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