Arbitration Award

1. Arbitrators. We, [names and addresses of Arbitrators], were appointed as Arbitrators pursuant to the attached Agreement [omitted]. Under the authority granted to us by that Agreement, we report:

a. Function of Arbitrators. We have been duly sworn to faithfully and fully hear, examine, and determine the controversy between [name] and [name], described in the attached Agreement. We have taken an oath to apply the principles of law and equity to make a just award to the parties, according to our understanding of the facts and the stipulations and agreements of the parties. This oath [omitted] is attached to and in part of our report.

b. Notice. On [date], we served notice on [name] and [name] that we would meet to hear the controversy and determine an award. This notice fixed the time and place of the meeting. A copy of the notice [omitted] is attached to and is part of our report.

c. Meeting and Adjournment. We met on the appointed date to take evidence, and, on that date, we adjourned the meeting to [date], and gave notice of the adjournment to [name] and [name].

At the adjournment meeting, we hard testimony of sworn witnesses along with other evidence, statements, and arguments of [name] and [name].

2. Determination of Arbitrators. We have examined all the evidence offered in the hearing and have determined the controversy submitted. We find [determination, e.g., there is due by [name] to [name] ---------- dollars ($----------), allowing just claims, deductions, and setoffs, with interest, at the rate of ---------- percent (----------%) per year, from [date] and [name] is entitled to judgment against [name] for this amount].




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