Through Bill Of Lading

_______________ (straight or order) Bill of Lading - Original

_______________ (if straight bill, add: NOT NEGOTIABLE)

_______________ Issuing carrier


Bill of lading number ________________.

Lot number _______________________.

Contract number ___________________.

Dated at _________ (place of issue) on _____ (date).

Received, subject to the classifications and tariffs in effect on the date of the receipt of the property described in this bill of lading, at __________ (place of shipment).

From __________ (shipper) the following property, in apparent good order (contents and condition of contents of packages unknown), marked, numbered, consigned, and destined as indicated below.

Consigned to _______ (if order bill, add: ORDER of)

Consignee _________

Destination: ________________.

Route: ____________________.

Party to whom arrival notice is to be addressed: _____.





Car numbers: ___________.

Received _______ Dollars ($_______ to apply in prepayment of the charges on the property described in this bill of lading.

_____________________, Agent

By: ___________________

(Signature, if appropriate)

(The signature here only acknowledges the amount prepaid.)

To be carried to __________ (designate shipping point) and thence by __________ (truck) to __________ (shipping point), subject to the terms and conditions specified below, and to be there delivered in like good order and condition as above consigned, or to consignees assigns, or to another carrier on the route to destination if consigned beyond __________ (shipping point), on payment immediately on discharge of the property of the freight charges due on such property,

Rates and charges:

1. From ________ to ________ of ___cents (___) per _______ pounds gross weight.

2. From ___ ____ to ________ of ___ cents (____) per ______ pounds gross weight.

3. Advance charges of ______ Dollars ($________).

In consideration of the rate of freight named in this bill of lading, it is hereby stipulated that the service to be performed under this bill of lading shall be subject to the contract terms and conditions, whether printed or written, contained in this bill of lading. Such terms and conditions are hereby agreed to and accepted by shipper for himself or herself and his or her assigns.


________ (Set forth general terms and conditions.).

With respect to service after delivery at _______ (shipping point), and until delivery at ultimate destination if destined beyond _______ (shipping point), it is agreed that:

1. The property shall be subject exclusively to all the conditions of the carrier or carriers completing the transit.

2. The addressing of the arrival notice to the notified party shall be exclusively the obligation of the carrier completing the transit.

In accepting this bill of lading, shipper, owner, and consignee of the goods, and holder of this bill of lading, agree to be bound by all its stipulations, exceptions, and conditions, whether written or printed, as fully as if they were all signed by such shipper, owner, consignee, or holder.

In witness whereof, the agent signing on behalf of __________ (issuing carrier) and of the connecting carrier or carriers and its or their owners, severally and not jointly, has affirmed to this bill of lading.

______________, Shipper.

By: ________________

(signature of authorized agent)

Contract law requirements

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