Boxing Employment Agreement

-------------------, referred to as BOXER, and ---------------------, referred to as MANAGER, agree:

BOXER agrees to exclusively box and train for MANAGER under the terms and conditions stated herein beginning on __________, 20 __ and terminating on __________, 20 __.

BOXER shall train as directed by MANAGER, providing good faith and best efforts. BOXER shall follow the regime of training and cooperate fully with the instruction provided.

MANAGER shall use MANAGER's best efforts to secure fights for BOXER, and BOXER shall use BOXER's best efforts in matches obtained by MANAGER.

MANAGER shall pay BOXER % of the net receipts from any engagements or contracts obtained by MANAGER for the services of BOXER, after the deduction of bona fide training and travel expenses.

MANAGER shall pay a signing bonus of $ ( & no/100 dollars) upon the execution of this agreement to BOXER.

MANAGER guarantees to BOXER minimum compensation of $ ( & no/100 dollars) during the contract...


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Contract law requirements

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