Contract For Sale And Maintenance Of Fire Extinguishers

________________, referred to as OWNER, and ______________, referred to as SELLER, agree:

SELLER shall install__________ fire extinguishers rated __________, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations of the State of ___________ and other applicable jurisdictions, no later than March 12, 1997. Said extinguishers shall meet all of the regulations of ____________ and other applicable governmental entities.

SELLER shall inspect said extinguishers and refill or make other adjustments as a required by applicable law every ___________months. In the event of any change in the laws or regulations related to the number and type of inspections, SELLER shall perform the inspections upon such new schedule, if applicable to OWNER.

SELLER shall be paid $ ( & no/100 dollars) for the initial sale and installation and $ ( & no/100 dollars) per required inspection. OWNER herewith grants an express lien upon such fire extinguishers and other times supplied by SELLER to secure repayment of the sums due by OWNER to SELLER. Any applicable sales or use tax shall be added to the amounts due.

The extinguishers shall bear the manufacturers warranty. Upon the expiration of the useful life of the extinguishers, or when required by applicable laws or regulations, SELLER shall replace the extinguishers at its most favorable price at that time.

In the event that any fire extinguisher is used or discharged, OWNER shall notify SELLER who shall replace or refill the same promptly, and shall charge its most favorable price at that time.

OWNER may terminate this agreement on ____________ months written notice to SELLER.

Dated: __________



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