Hunting License And Agreement

-------------------, referred to as SPORTSMAN, and ----------------------, referred to as OWNER, agree:

in consideration of the payment of $------, SPORTSMAN is granted a non-exclusive license for the following hunting:


during the following dates:

beginning date:

concluding date:

Provided however, that if the legal season for such hunting is less than the time specified, the license shall terminate at the same time that such hunting season concludes.

The premises licensed herein consist of:

located in the County of ________________, State of _________.

SPORTSMAN agrees that that he will conduct all hunting in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the laws of the State of Okeefenokee, and further that SPORTSMAN will indemnify and hold harmless OWNER harmless from any and all activities and the results thereof in violation of such laws and regulations.

In the event that the activities of SPORTSMAN result in damage to property or personal injury, SPORTSMAN shall indemnify and hold OWNER harmless from any claims resulting therefrom.

SPORTSMAN shall provide at his own expense all necessary permits for the same. In the event that the hunting contemplated cannot take place due to regulatory changes, HUNTER may select another lawful type of hunting in place of the designated game. In the event that no hunting is practicable or possible, SPORTSMAN shall not be entitled to a refund of any license fee paid.

Should the context so require "hunting" shall be inclusive of fishing, trapping and target shooting.





Contract law requirements

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