Performance Agreement

--------------------------, referred to as PERFORMER, and -------------------------, SPONSOR, agree:

PERFORMER will provide entertainment consisting of on [Date]. The performance will last approximately minutes.

PERFORMER will provide all necessary properties and materials for the event. SPONSOR shall provide the following facilities and supplies:

Upon request of the PERFORMER, SPONSOR will permit an examination of the premises for the performance on the day prior to the event. In the event that PERFORMER requests an opportunity to examine the premises and the SPONSOR fails to do so for whatever reason, PERFORMER shall not be responsible for any failures during the performance caused by any events which could have been resolved in an examination of the premises.

PERFORMER shall obtain all performing rights clearances if any, required for materials requiring such clearances. As to all other materials, PERFORMER represents that PERFORMER is the author and owner of the rights to such materials and will indemnify SPONSOR from all claims related to such materials.

The relationship created by this agreement is that of an independent contract.

The total fee for the performance shall be $ (dollars). A deposit of $ ( dollars) shall be paid either with this agreement or no later than [Date]. The agreement shall be void in the event that the agreed deposit is not made within the time limit specified. Payment of the balance shall be due prior to the commencement of the performance.

The event may be canceled no later days prior to the scheduled date. However, if the event is canceled by SPONSOR after this date the damages to be suffered by the PERFORMER will be difficult of ascertainment; as liquidated damages, and not as a penalty, PERFORMER shall be entitled to retain the deposit.

The parties agree that in the event that the PERFORMER cancels the performance, the damages to be suffered by the SPONSOR will be difficult of ascertainment; and, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, the PERFORMER shall refund any deposit made by the SPONSOR.

This is the entire agreement between the parties, and this agreement may only be altered in writing.




Contract law requirements

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