Radio Station Reciprocal Trade Agreement

{COMPANY/ADDRESS OF RADIO STATION}, hereinafter referred to as {STATION}, and {NAME/ADDRESS OF COMPANY}, hereinafter referred to as {COMPANY}, on this _____________ day of ___________ 20 _, do hereby agree to the following:

{STATION} agrees to furnish to {COMPANY} (dollars) in Broadcast time (subject to station policy) to be entirely run between (date) at (time) and (date) at (time). Minimum to be run each month is (times); maximum to be run each month is (times).


Broadcast time will be charged at (dollars) on Rate Card in effect when broadcast time is run, and will be non-commissionable. Broadcast time accepted under this Agreement is pre-emptible, without notice.


{COMPANY} agrees to furnish to {STATION} the amount of (dollars) in materials or services as follows:


Value received in material or services will be determined by

(state and/or describe).

Each of the parties to this Agreement shall render to the other a monthly invoice which will in effect itemise time, material or services used by the other party. Failure to do so will constitute a breach and failure to perform.


{COMPANY} agrees that his purchase, and if permitted by this contract, resale or assignment of the rights to broadcast time purchased under this contract, is subject to {STATION'S} right to pre-empt such time when {STATION} determines, in its absolute discretion, that each pre-emption is necessary in order to fulfill its obligations as a licensee under the (Government Radio Communications Act of ____,) as amended;

(a) perform promises as to public service or non-commercial broadcasting in accordance with undertakings made by {STATION} to Federal Radio Communications Commission;

(b) or substitute broadcast matter of National or Localimportance in the public interest. {STATION} further reserves the right to pre-empt time purchased under this contract for any other reason, in its absolute discretion.

{COMPANY} agrees that any time re-sold or assigned by it to advertisers, if permitted in this contract, will be resold:

(a) On terms and conditions prohibiting further sale or assignment of the time, and

(b) Only after written notification to such advertisers that all sponsors, products or advertising copy submitted for broadcast by {STATION} are subject to approval or rejection by {STATION}, in its entirety of absolute discretion, and advertising time may be pre-empted when {STATION} determines, in its absolute discretion, that such pre-emption is necessary.


{COMPANY} shall indemnify {STATION} from any claims related to its products, or advertising copy submitted to for broadcast by {STATION}.

This is the entire agreement between the parties and may be altered only by an instrument in writing.

Executed on the date as first above written at (City/State).





Contract law requirements

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