Termination Of Agreement

BE IT KNOWN, that for value received, that the undersigned, ___________ and ______________, being parties to a certain agreement dated _______________, 20 ___, whereas said agreement provides for: __________________, do hereby mutually cancel and terminate said agreement, effective this date.

This Termination of Agreement will act as a mutual release of all obligations under this agreement for both parties, as if the agreement has not been entered into in the first place.

This Termination binds and benefits both parties and any successors. This document, including the attached agreement being terminated, is the entire agreement between the parties.

The parties have signed this Termination on the date specified at the beginning of this Termination.

We further provide that said termination shall be without further recourse by either party against the other and this document shall constitute mutual releases of any further obligations under said agrement, all to the same extent as if said agreement had not been entered into in the first instance, provided the parties shall herewith undertake the below described acts to terminate said agreement, which obligations, if any, shall remain binding, notwithstanding this agreement to cancel.

In the presence of:




First Party




Second Party

Contract law requirements

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