Waterbed Agreement


Dated _____________

This agreement is attached to and forms a part of the Rental Agreement dated __________ between __________, Owners, and _______________, Tenants.

Tenants desire to keep a waterbed described as _________ in the dwelling they occupy under the Rental Agreement referred to above, and because this agreement specifically keeping waterbeds without the Owners' permission, Tenants agree to the following terms and conditions in exchange for this permission:

1. Tenants agree to keep one waterbed approved by the Owners for this dwelling. The waterbed shall consist of a mattress at least 20 mil thick with lap seams, a safety liner at least 8 mil, and a sturdy frame enclosure made of plywood or solid natural wood only, no particle board.

2. Tenants agree to consult with the Owners about the location of the waterbed. They agree to hire qualified professionals to install and dismantle the bed according to the manufacturer's specifications and further agree not to relocate it without the Owner's consent.

3. Tenants agree to allow the Owners to inspect the waterbed installation at any and all reasonable times, and the Tenants agree to remedy any problems or potential problems immediately.

4. Tenants agree to furnish the Owners with a copy of a valid liability insurance policy for at least $100,000 covering this waterbed installation and agree to renew the policy as necessary for continuous coverage.

5. Tenants agree to pay immediately for any damage caused by their waterbed, and in addition, they will add $ _____ to their security/cleaning deposit, any of which may be used for cleaning, repairs, or delinquent rent when the Tenants vacate. This added deposit, or what remains of it when waterbed damages have been assessed, will be returned to the Tenants within ____________________ days after they prove that they no longer keep this waterbed.

6. In consideration of the additional time, effort, costs, and risks involved in this waterbed installation, Tenants agree to pay additional rent of $ ____, which includes/does not include the premium for the waterbed liability policy referred to in item 4.

7. Tenants agree that the Owners reserve the right to revoke this permission to keep a waterbed should the Tenants break this agreement.

Owner _______________ Tenant __________________

By __________________ Tenant __________________

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