Termination Of Cohabitation

1. Parties. [Name] and [name] have been living together at [address] for [period].

2. Separation. Parties wish to end their cohabitation as of the date of this Agreement.

3. Property.

a. The following property was individually owned prior to the living together arrangements, and shall be retained by each individual: [each party's name, followed by a description of the property to be retained by each].

b. The following items were purchased by both parties jointly during the term of their cohabitation and are to be divided as follows: [list of items and which party will get each item].

4. Bills and Obligations. The disposition of joint bills and obligations of the parties shall be:

[schedule of obligations and party responsible]

5. Dwelling. [Name] shall remain in the parties' joint dwelling and shall assume the obligations of maintaining the dwelling.

6. Further Claims. Neither party shall have any claims on the other's business, pension, or other property other than those contained in this Agreement. Neither party shall have any claim on the other for support.

7. Attorney Fees. Any attorney fees resulting from the enforcement of this Agreement shall be borne by the defaulting party.

[dated] [signatures of parties]

Contract law requirements

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