Agreement With Consultant

1. Introduction. Agreement made [date] by and between [name], with offices at [address] (Consultant), and [name] with principal offices at [address] (Client).

2. Retention and Description of Services. During the term of this Agreement, Consultant will furnish consulting services and advice as specifically requested by [name], Client's President. The services and advice will relate to work being done or planned by Client in the field of [description], will be within the area of Consultant's technical competence, and will specifically include the following: [list].

3. Term of Agreement. Consultant's services shall be available to Client from [date] to and including [date].

4. Where Services Are to Be Performed. Consultant's services will be performed at Client's facilities at [address] and such other places that are appropriate and are mutually agreed to by Consultant and Client.

5. Compensation. Client will pay Consultant a consulting fee of ........ dollars ($........) per day (minimum of eight hours and prorated for partial days) for work performed by Consultant under this Agreement. The consulting fee shall be payable at the end of each month in which Consultant furnishes services pursuant to this...


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Contract law requirements

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