Articles Of Incorporation Of A Nominee Corporation

Articles of Incorporation



The undersigned, natural persons who are each twenty-one years or older, for the purpose of forming a corporation in accordance with the [name] Act of [state], hereby certify:

Article I. Name. The name of the corporation is [name] (Corporation).

Article II. Purpose. The purposes for which Corporation is organized are to take and hold title to real estate [or, securities], as nominee on behalf of other corporations, associations, partnerships, or individuals, and not on its own behalf, and to hold and transfer or convey the same and to perform any incidental transactions in connection therewith on behalf of the corporations, associations, partnerships, or individuals for whom Corporation shall hold title.

Article III. Capital Stock. Corporation is authorized to issue [number] shares of common stock having a par value of ---------- dollars ($----------) per share.

Article IV. Registered Office. Corporation's registered office is at [address], and the name of Corporation's registered agent at that address is [name].

Article V. Directors. Corporation's business shall be managed by a Board of not fewer than [number] Directors. The names and addresses of the persons now constituting the Board of Directors, who shall serve until their successors are duly elected, are:

Name Post Office Address

[names] [addresses]

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have made, subscribed, and acknowledged this certificate the [date].



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