Disputed Paternity Lump-Sum Settlement
Before Child's Birth

(Under this agreement, the father denies paternity. To be used before birth of the child, this form creates a release from paternity claims, in exchange for a lump-sum settlement. )


[NAME] MOTHER, referred to as MOTHER, and [NAME] ALLEGED FATHER, referred to ALLEGED FATHER, agree:

MOTHER gave birth to a male child born on [Date] in _____________________ [CITY] ____________ [STATE] named ____________________. MOTHER alleges that PUTATIVE FATHER is the FATHER of the child.

ALLEGED FATHER disputes the claims of MOTHER and does not admit paternity of the child.

The parties desire to resolve this matter without the uncertainties and expense of litigation. In consideration of the agreement herein MOTHER agrees that she will not bring any proceeding for paternity before any court or administrative agency. MOTHER herewith releases FATHER from any and all claims related to the paternity and support of the child.

In consideration of the terms and conditions provided herein, ALLEGED FATHER shall pay to MOTHER the sum of $------- (dollars), the sufficiency of which as adequate consideration is agreed on or before ____________, 20 _. In the event that the consideration is not timely paid this agreement shall be of no effect.

This is the entire agreement between the parties. The provisions herein are specifically enforceable. Any modification to this agreement shall be required to be in writing.

Dated: ________________



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