Permission For Child To Go On Trip

(This form provides that a child is given consent to go on a trip (can be used for school, scouting, etc.) and also gives the leaders the right to obtain medical care for the children during the trip.)


[Name], referred to as PARENT, is the parent and lawful guardian of [Name], a minor, and agrees:

__________________ District School Board is organizing a trip for the purpose of:

[describe trip]

on _____________, 20 __, through _____________, 20 __.

[Name] has the permission of PARENT to participate in this trip and all activities thereof. [Name], [Name] and the other employees and adult agents of ____________ District School Board are herewith given the following authority on the dates stated above:

To consent to any medical treatment that may be required by [Name] in the place and with the same authority as [Name].

Further, in consideration of the services performed by ____________ District School Board and the employees, servants and agents of _______________ District School Board, [Name], [Name] and the other employees and agents of _____________ District School Board are herewith released from liability for all actions taken in good faith during the trip.

Dated: _____________.



Print Name:

Contract law requirements

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