Condominium Unit Deed

1. Parties. This Deed is executed on [date], by [name], a national banking association that is a duly organized corporation under the laws of the United States (Trustee), to [name] of [address] (Buyer). Trustee is authorized to accept and execute trusts in [state]. It acts, not personally, but as Trustee under the provision of a deed in trust, dated [date], which is duly recorded and delivered to Trustee, and is known as Trust No. [number].

2. Consideration and Sale. Trustee, in consideration of ---------- dollars ($----------) (amount of money paid by Buyer) and other consideration, grants, sells, and conveys to Buyer the following real estate, located in [county, state, of legal description], together with appurtenances and all rights connected to the real estate (Property).

3. Liens. This Deed is subject to the lien of all trust deeds and/or mortgages, if any, on the Property, which are of record.

By: [signature]


[corporate seal] [name of Trustee]

[bank], as Trustee and not personally

By: [signature]

Attest: [signature]


Contract law requirements

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