Agreement Of Non-Competition

The following shall be considered a legally binding amendment to the agreement made between ____________ and ________________, dated ____________:

_______________ (Name of teacher) agrees not to conduct, solicit pupils for, or in any capacity enter the employment of or act in any capacity for any private or semiprivate school (state), during the duration of this contract or for a period of _______ years after its expiration, whether this contract shall terminate by reason of the expiration of its term or for any other reason whatever, without first obtaining the written consent of the board of directors of ______________________ (Name of teacher) further agrees that __________ (he or she) will not solicit pupils from ____________________ County or _______________ County for any type of schooling, wherever the school might be situated during the period of _______ years after the expiration of this contract.

___________________________ ________________

Signature Date

_________________________ ________________

Signature Date

_________________________ ______________

Witness Date

Contract law requirements

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