Employee Exit Interview

PERSONNEL DEPT.> Office Company Form Number: __________




Employed from


Reason For Termination:

Employee Returneds

[ ] Keys

[ ] ID card

[ ] Credit card

[ ] Safety equipment

[ ] Company property

[ ] Company documents

[ ] Tools

[ ] Uniform

[ ] Vehicle

[ ] Other

Employee was informed about restrictions on:

[ ] Trade secrets patents

[ ] Removing company documents

[ ] employment with competitor (if applicable)

[ ] Other:

Employee exit questions/answers:

01. Did you feel that you had the support of management?

02. Did management adequately recognize your contributions?

03. Were you properly trained for your job?

04. Was your work rewarding?

05. Were you fairly treated by the company?

06. Was your salary adequate?

07. How were your working conditions?

08. Were you supervised properly?

09. Did you understand all company policies?

10. Have you seen theft of company property?

ll. How can the company improve security?

12. How can the company improve working conditions:

13. What do you think are the company's weaknesses?

14. What do you thik are the company's strengths?

15. Other employee comments or suggestions:

Note: Please retain this form in the PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT.

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