Employment Agreement Branch Manager

1. Parties. [name] (Corporation) of [address] and [name] (Employee) of [address] hereby agree to the employment of Employee as manager of [name of company division or branch], located at [address].

2. Duration. This employment shall begin as of the date of this Agreement and last for a period of [period, including number of years and months, if applicable].

3. Compensation. Employee's salary shall be ..................... dollars ($........) for the first year. This is to be increased by ........ dollars ($........) for each successive year of employment. Payment shall be in weekly [or,biweekly] installments.

4. Duties of Employee. Employee shall perform his duties as [title] to the best of his ability and to the satisfaction of Employer. Employee shall not engage in any other business during the term of this Agreement without the written consent of Corporation.

5. Duties of Employer. Employer has the right to renew this Agreement provided that Employer gives [number] days' [or, weeks'] notice to Employee of Employer's intention to do so. The period of renewal shall be for [period] in consideration of ........ dollars ($........) to be paid to Employee upon renewal. Successive increases in salary at the time of renewal shall be [terms of raises].

Signed and sealed this ______ day of ______ 20 ___.


Officer of Corporation



Contract law requirements

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