Employment Agreement Employee Of Professional Corporation

1. Introduction. Agreement between [name] (Employee), residing at [address], and [professional corporation] (Employer), with place of business at [address], incorporated in [state].

2. Employee's Professional Qualifications. Employee is duly authorized and licensed to practice [i.e., medicine, law] in [state].

3. Employer. Employer hires Employee to perform the following services: [description], and Employee accepts the employment.

4. Scope of Employment.

a. Employer's Supervision. Employer will determine what services Employee will perform and which clients he will service. Employer's Board of Directors will supervise the performance of Employee's duties.

b. Exclusive Service. Employee shall provide full-time professional service to Employer. However, the rendition of the following services to third parties by Employee shall not be deemed a breach of this Agreement: [description].

5. Election to Board or as Officer. Employee will serve as a director or officer of Employer if elected to such office. This service will be without additional compensation.

6. Compensation.

a. Salary. Employee will receive ........ dollars ($........) per calendar year, payable in [number] installments, on the [number] day of every month [or, every other month]. This provision may be changed by mutual agreement of Employer and Employee at any time.

b. Additional Payments. Employer will pay Employee a bonus of ........ percent (........%) of his salary no later than the [number] day of [month] of every year for the duration of the employment. Employer will provide Employee with the following additional benefits: [description].

c. Additional Fees. Any additional fees that Employee shall receive as a result of Employee's services shall belong to Employer and shall be paid over by Employee to Corporation.

7. Files. Any records, files, etc., involved in Employee's practice are the property of Employer and shall remain so if the employment should be terminated.

8. Payment of Additional Expenses. Employer shall pay Employee's professional license fees, dues to professional societies, expenses for continuing education, travel expenses to attend professional conventions, as well as [description], provided Employee furnishes Employer with the necessary documentation to substantiate these expenses.

9. Malpractice Insurance. Employer shall pay for and maintain adequate professional liability insurance coverage to insure Employee in relation to acts or omissions within the scope of the employment.

10. Facilities. Employer will provide Employee with office facilities, supplies, and support personnel necessary for the performance of Employee's duties within the scope of the employment under this Agreement.

11. Illness, Disability, and Death.

a. Illness. Employee is entitled to [number] sick days per year, for each calendar year of the employment. This benefit may not be carried over from year to year.

b. Disability. Should Employee become disabled and as a result be unable to perform his professional services for Employer under this Agreement, Employee shall receive the following compensation: ........ dollars ($........) for [number] months commencing with the first day of such disability.

c. Death. Should Employee die during the term of this Agreement, Employer will pay ........ dollars ($........) to Employee's spouse within [number] days of Employee's death. If Employee has no surviving spouse or is unmarried, this payment shall be made to his estate.

12. Term. Employee's employment will begin on [date]. It will terminate upon the occurrence of any of the following events: (a) Employee's death; (b) the loss of Employee's license to practice [i.e., medicine, law]; (c) mutual agreement of Employee and Employer; (d) disability of Employee that continues for more than [number] consecutive months.

13. Miscellaneous.

a. Assignment and Delegation. Employee may neither assign his rights nor delegate his duties under this Agreement.

b. Amendment. This Agreement may not be amended except by a writing signed by Employer and Employee.

[dated] [name of Employer]

[corporate seal] By: [signature]

Attest: [title]





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