Foreign Employment Agreement

1. Parties. [name] (Corporation) of [address] and [name] (Employee) of [address] hereby agree that Employee is to serve in the capacity of [title] to be employed in [country of employment].

2. Duration. The term of employment shall begin as of the date of this Agreement and last for a period of [number] years [or, months], to be terminated at will by either party.

3. Compensation. Employer will pay Employee in the form of US dollars at a rate of ........ dollars ($........) per week, fifty-two weeks per year. This payment is subject to all United States taxes as required by law.

4. Transportation. Employer agrees to provide transportation from Employee's home in [Country], located at [address], to [place of job destination], including all land, rail, and air transportation. The same will be provided upon Employee's return, regardless of whether Employer or Employee terminates the relationship.

5. Additional Compensation. Employer agrees to furnish Employee with the following for the duration of his employment outside of [Country]: [description of living quarters, school allowances, and other amenities].

Signed and dated this ________ day of _______ 20 __.


Officer of Corporation



Contract law requirements

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