Notice Of Reduction In Workforce




Due to the current economic climate, we have found it necessary to reduce company employees, and for that reason we are terminating your employment effective ___ [Date].

However, we regret are always concrened when we lose a valued employee, and so the company agrees to pay you an additional ( ) days through to ____ [Date], all unused and accrued vacation, and severance pay at the rate of ( ) weeks for each year of service up to a maximum of ( ) weeks.

You understand the position of the company, and agree to this severance payment in lieu of all other payments and benefits due to you up until this period of time.

In addition to termination pay, severance pay, and vacation pay, however, all other benefits cease on ______ [Date].

The company is also prepared to provide job search counseling and resume assistance to those employees who request it. Please notify us no later than ______, if you wish to receive these services.

A company letter highlighting specific details of your particular benefits and severance pay will be mailed directly to your home address.

We wish you all the very in your future career endeavors.



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