Notice Of Suspension

(Based Upon Unsatisfactory Performance)


To: _____________________

Department: _____________


You received a company written notice of certain performance deficiencies on _____, 20 __. At that time, you were given a letter of warning that, unless your level of performance improved, further disciplinary action would be necessary including possible suspension.

Since that time, we have attempted to assist you in the following manner:

However, your performance continues to be unsatisfactory, in the following areas:

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: That commencing on _____, 20 __ and continuing through _____, 20 __, you are suspended from your duties, without compensation.

Although we shall attempt to assist you in remedying the above situation, we must inform you that any further disciplinary action taken may include the termination of your employment.



I hereby acknowledge receipt of this warning:



cc: Personal File

Contract law requirements

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