Performance Analysis Employee Worksheet




To prepare for your upcoming performance review on ___________, I would like you to think about the questions that follow, so we can fully utilize the time we have for discussion during your review.

1. How successful overall were you in meeting your performance objectives for this appraisal period?

2. Do you feel your performance objectives are appropriate for your job?

3. Are there areas of concern in your job that you would like to discuss?

4. What strengths do you have that enhance your performance on the job?

5. What weaknesses do you have that diminish your performance?

6. What additional training do you feel you need in order to do a better job?

7. In what ways can we help you do your job better? Do you feel my supervisory style enables/prohibits you to/from reaching your potential? Why or why not?

8. What are your short-term employment goals? How do you feel you can best achieve these goals?

Completed by: ___________________



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