Assumption Of Community Property Debts

1. Parties. [Name] (Husband) and [name] (Wife) were married on [date] in [place of marriage].

2. Assumption of Debts. Husband [or, Wife] agrees to pay the following debts, whether incurred by himself, Wife [or, herself, Husband], or the parties jointly for the duration of their marriage: [list of debts, e.g., household, medical, taxes, legal fees, and mortgage].

3. Creation of Other Debts. Husband [or, Wife] will not create any other obligations for which Wife or her estate [or, Husband or his estate] shall become liable. Husband [or, Wife] will indemnify her [or, him] against any liabilities that he [or, she] may incur after the date of this Agreement.

[dated] [signature]

[spouse assuming debt]

Contract law requirements

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