Reconciliation Agreement


_______________________, referred to as HUSBAND, and ______________________, referred to as WIFE, do hereby agree:

The parties were lawfully married on ______________, _____________, 20 ___, at _______________. Since such time they have continued to be married.

The parties separated on or about _________________, 20___, and entered into a separation agreement dated __________________, 20___.

The parties have settled their differences, and desire to terminate the separation agreement. The parties herewith mutually release one another from all claims or demands provided for in the separation agreement. However, if pursuant to the agreement, any property was absolutely transferred between the spouses, such transfers are herewith ratified and shall remain absolute. The parties have reconciled as of _________________, 20___. Henceforward, the parties shall live together as husband and wife. Any statutory rights of inheritance or property shall be fully restored. The parties agree that within (---) days of the date of this agreement, the parties shall each examine their wills and testaments, if any, and shall amend the same if necessary to comply with the intent of this agreement. The parties have each had a full and ample opportunity to consult with legal and other counselors of their own choice and have reviewed the terms of this agreement with their advisors. The parties have instituted a petition for divorce before the _______________________ County Court, bearing case number ________.

This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties and the same may only be modified by a written agreement executed by both parties.

Dated: ___________.





Witnessed by:


[If a married couple has separated this agreement can be used when the parties reconcile to "undo" the effect of any separation or separation agreement].

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