Remarriage Agreement

(Should be used if parties who have a prior divorce decree or property settlement remarry to handle the issues which are caused by the remarriage.)


[NAME] HUSBAND, referred to as HUSBAND, and [NAME] WIFE, referred to as WIFE, agree:

The parties were married on [Date], and were divorced at ___________________, City, ________ State on [Date]. The divorce became absolute and final, and the parties thereupon returned to the status of single and unmarried persons.

The parties have remarried on [Date] and now are husband and wife.

The parties entered into a comprehensive property settlement contract on [Date].

Pursuant to the prior agreements, court orders or both, certain property transactions have occurred. These transactions shall remain final and are not affected by the parties' remarriage.

The parties have had an adequate opportunity to consider this agreement and to consult with independent counsels and advisors of their choice.

This is the entire agreement between the parties and this agreement may only be modified in writing.

Dated: _____________.





Contract law requirements

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