Goods & Shipping

Acceptance Of An Order
Acceptance Of Damaged Goods
Acceptance Of Order With Delivery In Lots
Accepting Return Of Defective Goods
Acknowledgement And Acceptance Of Order
Acknowledgement Of Confirmation Of The Ability To Supply
Acknowledgement Of Modified Terms
Acknowledgement Of Phone Conversation Past Due Balance
Acknowledgement Of Receipt Of Goods
Acknowledgement Of Receipt Of Invoice
Acknowledgement Of Request For Adjustment Of Credit
Agreement Of Bulk Sale Of Goods
Announcing New Employee On Sales Team
Announcing New Merchandise
Apology For Delay In Shipment Of Goods
Apology For Delay Of Goods
Apology For Shipment In Excess Of Order
Appointment Of New Sales Representative
Arbitration Agreement
Basic Contract For The Sale Of Goods Long Form
Basic Contract For The Sale Of Goods Short Form
Basic Purchase Order For Goods
Basic Sales Confirmation For Goods
Bill Of Lading
Claim Of Lost Merchandise
Confirmation Of Verbal Order
Congatulations On Company Expansion
Consignment Sale
Contract For Purchase Of Goods
Contract For Sale Of Goods
Contract For Sale Of Goods On Consignment
Contract For The Sale Of Goods Buyer's Right To Inspect Goods
Contract For The Sale Of Goods Delivery By Common Carrier
Contract - Sale Of Goods In Possession Of Third Party
Contract Sale Of Goods Manufactured To Buyer's Specifications
Contract For The Sale Of Goods Sale On Approval
Contract For The Sale Of Goods Sale Or Return
Contract For The Sale Of Goods With Output Or Requirements
Defects In Goods After Acceptance
Demand For Acknowledgement Of Shipping Dates
Demand For Delivery
Demand For Delivery After Payment
Demand For Explanation Of Rejected Goods
Demand For Shipping Dates
Demand On Guarantor
Disclaimer Of All Implied Warranties
Disclaimer Of Implied Warranty Against Infringement
Disclaimer Of Implied Warranty Of Title
Discontinued Goods No Longer Available
Disputed Balance Notice
Error In Shipment Of Goods
Express Warranty Against Infringement
Express Warranty Of Good Title
Express Warranty Sample Of Goods
Firm Offer To Supply Specific Goods
Firm Price Quote
Goods Do Not Meet The Specifications Of Contract
Goods To Be Delivered On Approval Basis
Goods To Be Shipped On Consignment Basis
Instructions For Return Of Damaged Goods
Instructions For Return Of Damaged Merchandise
Invitation To View New Shipment
Letter Accompanying Enclosed Company Brochure And Catalog
Letter Of Company Updated Price List
Letter Of Reason For Unavailability Of Product
Letter Of Request For Evaluation Of Company Sample
Located Source Of Problem
Model Number No Company Record
No Record Of Return Of Goods
Notice By Buyer To Seller Of Rejection Of Goods
Notice Of Acceptance Of Order With Delivery In Lots
Notice Of Breach Of Warranty
Notice Of Cancellation: Back Ordered Items
Notice Of Cancellation Of Customer Purchase Order
Notice Of Change Of Billing Address
Notice Of Claim Of Defective Goods
Notice Of C.O.D. Terms
Notice Of Company Pricing And Shipping Information
Notice Of Compensation For Faulty Goods
Notice Of Defective Goods
Notice Of Delivery Of Incorrect Product
Notice Of Discontinued Brand/Model Of Goods
Notice Of Dispatch
Notice Of Goods Damaged On Delivery
Notice Of Goods No Longer Covered Under Warranty
Notice Of Goods Shipped On Specific Date
Notice Of Holding Goods For Specific Reasons
Notice Of Inadvertently Shipping Goods In Excess Of Order
Notice Of Intent To Sell Unfinished Goods
Notice Of New Line Of Products
Notice Of No Foreign Buy Of Company Products
Notice Of Non Conforming Goods
Notice Of No Record Of Shipping Instructions
Notice Of Ordered Parts Now In Stock
Notice Of Ordered Product On Backorder
Notice Of Parts Missing From Orignal Order
Notice Of Reclamation
Notice Of Refusal To Accept Delivery
Notice Of Regret To Supply Purchase Order
Notice Of Rejection Of Goods
Notice Of Replacement Of Rejected Goods
Notice Of Replacement Product
Notice Of Resale
Notice Of Return Of Goods Sold On Approval
Notice Of Revocation Of Acceptance
Notice Of Sale Of Goods Due To Breach Of Contract
Notice Of Special Discount
Notice Of Two Week Delay In The Shipment Of Order
Notice Of Violation Of Warranty
Notice Of Withheld Delivery
Notice Of Withholding Future Deliveries
Notice: Return Of Approval-Sale Products
Notice To Cancel Entire Order
Notice To Cancel Shipment Of Back Ordered Goods
Notice To Elect To Accept Damaged Goods
Notice To Read Product Warranty Carefully
Notice To Sell Products Through Distributors
Notice To Stop Goods In Transit
Not Stock Line Special Order Only
Order Cannot Be Shipped
Order Confirmation
Ordered Product Not In Stock For Several Weeks
Partial Delivery Of Goods Agreement
Payment On Specific Accounts
Priority Of Warranties
Products Sold Direct Not Through Wholesalers
Product Warranty Expired
Property Loss Report
Purchase Requirement Agreement
Purchasing Agreement Specific Terms
Receipt For Delivery Of Goods
Request For Evaluation Of Company Sample
Request For Immediate Refund
Request For Information Of Inactive Credit Account
Request For Information To Expedite Repair Of Product
Request For Letter Of Credit
Request For Price Quote
Request For Repair Of Goods Under Warranty
Request For Shipping Instructions
Request For Signature
Request For Statement Together With Payment
Request Refund For Goods Returned
Request To Supply Product In Lieu Of Original Order
Response To Incomplete Order
Return Of Goods After Trial
Risk Of Loss In Accordance With Parties' Insurance Coverage
Risk Of Loss With Buyer
Risk Of Loss With Seller
Sale On Approval Acknowledgement
Sale On Consignment Acknowledgement
Sale Subject To Approval
Seller's Offer To Placate Buyer
Shipment Of Goods In Excess Of Original Order
Shipping Document
Specific Item Not Located In Shipping Carton
Suppliers Demand For Instructions
Suppliers Demand For Prompt Delivery Instructions
Supply Agreement
Third-Party Beneficiaries Of Warranties
Unable To Accept Return Of Goods
Unable To Ship Goods At This Time
Unable To Ship Merchadise As Scheduled
Unexpected Delay In Shipment