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Music & Entertainment Legal Agreement Suite
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Music & Entertainment Legal Forms Bundle

Actor Employment Agreement
Actor Employment Agreement (Non-Union Day Player)
Agency Booking Agreement
Agreement For Hire Of Commercial Studio
Agreement Of Foreign Agency
Agreement Of Obligation To Pay
Agreement Of Rights To Reprint Copyrighted Lyrics
Agreement To Extend Print Lyric License
Agreement To Secure Writer For Technical Manual
Agreement With Music Publisher For Use Of Song
Agreement With Record Company
Alternative License for Use of Music In Advertisements
Alternative Mechanical License Drafted In Favor of the Licensee
Alternative Mechanical License Drafted in Favor of the Licensor
Arrangement With Songwriter And Music Publisher
Artist and Manager Agreement
Artists' Management Contract
Artist Master Producer Contract
Artist Producer Contract
Artist Recording Contract
Artist Tech Rider Agreement
Artwork Agreement Long Form
Artwork Agreement Short Form
Artwork Release
Assignment Of Copyright
Assignment of Rights of Recording Material
Attorney Client Fee Contract
Audiovisual Work Synchronization & Videogram License
Authorization for First-Time Recording of Song
Band Agreement (Basic)
Band Partnership Agreement (Basic)
Band Partnership Agreement (Comprehensive)
Booking Agreement
Broad Rights License
Broadcast Recording Contract
Broadcast Release
Broadcasting Agreement
Casting Agency Agreement
Casting Director Agreement
Certificate Of Express Mailing
Claim Of Lien Document
Co Production Agreement
Collaboration Agreement Among Writers of Musical Play
Combination Songwriter & Co-Publishing Agreement
Commercial Music Contract
Composer Agreement (Comprehensive -- Long Form)
Confidential Information Disclosure Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement (Comprehensive)
Consent Of Assignment
Co-Publishing Agreement With Exclusive Administration Rights
Copyright Assignment Publisher To Publisher
Copyright Assignment Publisher To Songwriter
Copyright License
Copyright License & Contract
Creative Works Agreement
Depiction Release (Motion Picture/Television)
Depiction Release (Video/Audio Interview)
Distribution Agreement Of Master Recordings
Electrical Transcription License for Background Music Services
Electrical Transcription License for Syndicated Radio Broadcasts
Event Sponsorship Contract
Exclusive Agent Musician contract
Exclusive Print Rights Agreement Single Song
Exclusive Print Rights Agreement For Musical Group
Exclusive Rights To Print Lyrics For Catalog
Exclusive Rights to Print Lyrics in Magazine
Exclusive Songwriter Contract (Comprehensive)
Exclusive Songwriter's Contract (General Form)
Exclusive Term Songwriter Agreement
Film Clip License
Finder Agreement (Comprehensive)
Film Rights Option Agreement
Film Synchronization Contract
Foreign Agency Contract
Group Print Rights Agreement
Home Video Licensing Agreement (Comprehensive)
Independent Distribution Agreement
Independent Label License Agreement
Independent Label Recording Agreement
International Marketing Contract
International Sub Publishing Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement (Comprehensive)
Joint Venture Agreement With Record Company
Label Shopping Agreement Representative & Band
Letter Agreement To Extend Print Lyric License
License For Making & Distributing Sound Recordings
License For Use of Lyrics In A Book
License For Use Of Lyrics Distribution Of A Recording
License for Use of Lyrics In Print Advertisements
License for Use of Music in Radio or Television Advertisements
License To Perform Music Live With Choreography
License To Perform Music In A Live Stage Production
Location Agreement
Lyric Translation Work For Hire Agreement
Make-Up And Special Effects Agreement
Management Agreement Long Form
Management Agreement Short Form
Master Recording License
Master Track License
Master Use Recording License
Mechanical License
Mechanical License Comprehensive
Mechanical Rights License
Merchandise License Agreement (Comprehensive)
Merchandise Licensing Contract (General)
Minor Release (Comprehensive)
Model Release Agreement
Multi-Purpose Work For Hire Agreement
Music Box License Agreement
Music Compilation Release Form
Music Publishing Administration Agreement
Music Publishing Agreement
Music Studio Agreement
Musical Arrangement Work for Hire Agreement
Musician Release Agreement
Mutual Rescission Of Contract
Non-Theatrical Film Synchronization & Videogram License
Non-theatrical Film Synchronization License
Non-theatrical Synchronization License With Options
Notice To Cease & Desist
Nudity Rider Player Agreement
Old Motion Picture Synchronization License
Online Music Distribution Agreement
Payment Obligation Contract
Performance Contract Comprehensive
Performance Contract Short Form
Personal Appearance Contract
Personal Management Contract Long Form
Personal Management Contract Short Form
Photographer Contract
Producer Employment Agreement
Producer Rep Agreement
Production Services Agreement
Producer & Musical Composer Agreement
Producer Manager Contract
Producer Royalty's Contract
Producer Talent Contract
Producer's Assistant Contract
Production Contract Long Form
Production Contract Short Form
Production Distribution Promotion Contract
Promotional Contract Co-Operative
Promotional Music Videos Synchronization License
Publicity Contract
Publisher Record Company Contract
Publisher Royalty Sharing Contract Long Form
Publisher Royalty Sharing Contract Short Form
Publishing Contract
Rate Participation Agreement
Receipt For Masters Contract
Record Company Distributer Policy Statement
Record Company Producer Contract
Recorded Video Performance Release
Recording Company Contract Long Form
Recording Company Contract Short Form
Recording Contract Artist
Recording Contract (Standard)
Recording Contract (Comprehensive)
Recording Manufacturing Contract
Royalty Agreement Contract
Royalty Agreement Long Form
Royalty Agreement Short Form
Royalty Payment Schedule
SAG Assumption Agreement
SAG Motion Picture And Television Agency Contract
Security Agreement
Service Mark Application
Short Form Copyright Assignment
Single Song Option Contract
Single Song Printed Music License Agreement
Single Song Printed Music Publishing Agreement
Song-for-Airplay Exchange Agreement
Songwriter Agreement For Single Song
Songwriters Contract
Sound And Light Contracting Agreement
Soundtrack Recording Agreement
Standard Mechanical License Agreement
Standard Uniform Popular Songwriters Contract
Standard Videogram Synchronization License
Still Photo Release
Studio Venue Release
Studio Contract (Time and Charges)
Stunt Performer's Agreement
Studio Contract
Sub Publishing Agreement
Synchronization License (Movie and Television)
Synchronization License For Promotional Music Videos
Synchronization License on Percentage Royalty Basis
Talent Record Company Contract
Talent Consent And Assignment Of Rights
Talent Release Contract
Television Host Agreement
Television Series Producer Agreement
Theatrical Acquisition And Distribution Agreement
Technical Advisor And Consultant Contract
Television Synchronization License
Theatrical Trailer Synchronization License
TV Movie Film Synchronization License
Union Booking Contract
Videogram License Provisions On Block Of Copies Basis
Videogram License Provisions On Flat Fee Basis
Videogram License Provisions With Arbitration Provision
Video Release Contract
Video Release Contract (Long Form)
Vocalist Contract
Writer Collaboration Agreement